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Seek Us to Know Yourself

Do you know yourself? By how, may be by your name, your profession, your social network and environment. We claim to know your soul. 

It is like when you close your eyes, and see yourself, not just as person but as soul, we know you in your that form through Naadi Astrology.

It is your soul, commonly known as instinct that influences your decisions; we know how, when, and under what circumstances, you have taken the decision. 

We can help you to better understand yourself, as on Olai-chuvadi (Palm Leaves), everything is already written. 

In Bhagwad Geeta, it is clearly mentioned that how soul changes body just like a man changes clothes. 

With Naadi Astrology, you can know your past, present, and future, your deeds and your thoughts of years before, many years before, and of now, and also of coming years. 

How Can We Help You?

If you are seeking Naadi Astrologer, then you have reached the right destination. We are into astrology since generations and have experience and knowledge of reading both Gaanda Naadi and Jeeva Naadi. 

We help you with:
  • Naadi Jothidam
  • Thumb Impression
  • Siddha Medicine and Extra
  • Naadi astrology 

Procedures to Find your Naadi Astrology

After getting the thumb impression of the aspirant, a Nadi Reader observes the distinct whirls and loops of the individuals, which is categorized in 108 sorts. Each thumb impression can be found in around 5 to 6 bundles wherein each bundle carry up to 50 to 100 leaves.   

It is a grueling and time taking process, and takes weeks and months to verify the truthfulness of the found leaf. Thus, it is requested from the seeker to provide their full support and co-operation and provide accurate information. 

The focus is on finding index leaf along with General Kandam, also known as primary leaf and final Kandam that provide complete information about the birth chart of individuals. 

However, Rishi Agathiyar has also insisted on the fact that prediction will only come true if the person is free from him past sins and has suggested performing Parihars remedial procedure to remove the sins.   

If the remedies are accurately performance with utmost dedication, it is assured that happenings will come true. Shanthi and Deeksha chapters are to be consulted to rightly find the remedial procedure of square measures. 

Predictions can come true in span of months. 

In case the native is not able to find his index page, it can be assumed that either it has lost or he or she is destined to find it on later stage of life.

Your Problems: Our Solutions 

You are not a client for us; you are our very aim of living. As we believe that like God has given the consciousness to Rishi Agathiyar, He has given us the responsibility to help those in need by using text in Olai-chuvadi (Palm Leaves). He has given us the knowledge and interest to decode the text accurately and help those in need. 

  • We can help in curing diseases, by using herbs and medicines mentioned in Naadi Shastra
  • We can help you to find the right job, predict the time of you marriage, or the day when you will successfully able to make a house.
  • We can help you to indulge in right business and can suggest you to put hand in profitable business ventures, suiting your capability and destiny. 
  • We can help in money matters and other problems.